CareersLink – exclusive services, just for you

It always surprises me when our students ask me for ideas of where they can look for jobs, or find out about what careers events are coming up, or where they can find employers who want to target University of Manchester students – and they’ve never used CareersLink. I’m on a mission to change that!

CareersLink is our careers database of services which are provided just for University of Manchester students, (recent) graduates and postgraduates. You can access it as soon as you can login to your university account (no need to think up any new passwords or usernames). This allows you to:

  • access vacancies – full-time, part-time, internships, volunteer opportunities and more (currently over 900 on offer)
  • see which events are coming up and register to attend (over 140 coming up)
  • upload application and job details when you have a practice interview booked
  • search for a mentor and email them questions about their roles or your career (400 mentors, over half of whom are now postgraduates)
  • search for employers in our organisation database (over 4,700 to choose from)
  • access our country guides and international job search (details on 35 countries across the world)

Here’s a quick 5 minute screencast to show you what you can find:

Having access to this information is one of the benefits of being at the University of Manchester – have a go and see just what you can find.

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