A careers masterclass for international students – 3rd October, 2012

Would you like to get to grips with job hunting, what is different about the UK and what are some of the key messages in 90 minutes? …. well, hopefully I can help. On 3rd October, I will be hosting a session to “virtually” tour you around some of the key resources, materials and messages and demonstrate key techniques for UK job hunting.

An international student once told me…. “Please don’t tell me anything careers related for the first 6 weeks of my time in the UK  as I can’t take it all in! I’m still trying to work out how to get around, be where I need to be, buy food and make new friends”…. Whilst I completely sympathize with this viewpoint, I also know that for some students, in 6 weeks, some messages may be getting late, particularly if you would like to meet certain organisations or meet early closing dates!  The Careers calendar is already springing into action , with employers booked to come onto campus during the next few weeks, and even our first Career Fair on 10th October!

If you would like to come along, here are the details:

“Careers masterclass for international students”

2.00pm -3.30pm

University Place,  Lecture Theatre A

You can also sign up on Careerslink at – www.manchester.ac.uk/careerslink

The session is primarily aimed at Masters students but any international students exploring job hunting are welcome to come along too.


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