Part-time e-Tutor posts for PhDs (paid)

Ellen MacArthur - one of the past lecturers on the MLP

Ellen MacArthur - one of the past lecturers on the MLPWe’re recruiting yet more PhDs to tutor on our undergraduate “Manchester Leadership Programme” (MLP). These are aimed at PhDs who already have some experience of teaching and assessing, preferably at university undergraduate level.

The tutor positions are for Semester 2, and, in the main, will be for our MLP unit which is taught completely online.

Tutoring experience – makes your CV stand out
These are interesting, challenging and rewarding teaching posts for PhDs, and are excellent experience for anyone wanting some great examples of communication skills for their CV, and particularly for aspiring academics. I was delighted when one of our first e-Tutors landed a Lectureship straight after graduating from her PhD (completed part-time over 6 years). Her MLP e-Tutor work not only helped fund her PhD, but also gave her some really innovative teaching experience.

What you need to know
Our MLP e-tutor webpage has all the details of programme, the work, the hours, the pay etc and how to apply.

I’ve blogged about these posts on our last recruitment round, just a couple of months ago, so if you want some inside information on what the posts involve, have a look at the post on our former Manchester Postgrad Careers Blog.

New to teaching?
If you’re still very new to teaching, these posts might not be for you, until you’ve got a bit more experience. However, I’ve found a really good blog post from Hannah Perrin, a doctoral researcher at the University of Kent, which gives her “Top Ten Tips for PhDs starting to teach“. There’s some good practical advice here (especially number 10) – follow this and you’ll be ready for when we recruit next year for even more e-Tutors.

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