Don’t miss out on some part-time media jobs…

A lot of media work experience opportunities are never advertised.  Instead, you have to seek them out by sending off your CV and approaching people who might be able to help (it’s always worth getting in touch with that friend of a friend who works in TV!).    You’ll find lots of useful suggestions in the networking section of the careers service website.  But today, the good news is that there are some opportunities you can apply for right now.  They’re on careerslink, your very own vacancy service.  All you need to do is log in and put in the vacancy code to go straight to the jobs below.

Part-time online football writer with Soccer International Ltd (vacancy no. 14369)

Part-time video editors (vacancy no. 11647)

Brand Ambassador (vacancy no. 13929)  (could be good for getting marketing experience).

While you’re on Careerslink why not browse the vacancies, using the advanced search, and set-up some email alerts

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