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10 Things You Need to Know about Law Careers with a non-Law Degree

It All Starts in Final Year of your Degree Start your research as soon as possible into Semester  1 of Final Year. A legal career is open to ALL degree disciplines, and employers are positively encouraging a broader range. Don’t be put off thinking you need a law degree. You usually still need the 2:1, but there are exceptions so come and discuss these with the Careers Team at The Atrium. Ask yourself: ‘Why be a lawyer?’ Be honest with yourself … [read more...]


The simple 3 step approach to applying for jobs

Don't worry about your CV until you have found a vacancy to apply for. Many students are so eager that before they even know what type of job they want to do they are writing a CV and cover letter. STOP RIGHT NOW. 1 Decide what jobs you are interested in. It doesn't matter if it's a part time job, internship or graduate job, it will make your life a lot simpler if you know what you are looking for. It's like trying to guess what present someone … [read more...]

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Interested in Investment Banking? Seven tips on getting in

Investment banks help organisations, individuals and governments to raise capital, often by investing in the financial markets or selling shares. They also provide other services to organisations, for example performing large mergers and acquisitions. Investment banking is a very popular area with graduates looking for a challenging career and high financial rewards, however combined with that there is a great deal of competition for places Do … [read more...]


So you want to work in the media? Top 3 tips

Explore roles and find out what's right for you Working in the media is a popular career choice for many students and graduates.  The most common reason is that they’ve been inspired by something they read, watched on TV or heard on the radio, and would like a creative role such as journalist, television researcher, radio presenter and so on.However, in practice, these represent only a small selection of the jobs that people do in the media.  … [read more...]


10 things you need to know about starting a career as a Solicitor or Barrister

It All Starts in 2nd Year Most activity starts in 2nd year of your law degree. So, enjoy your vacation, and then start your research as soon as possible into Semester 1 of Year 2.  Why be a lawyer? Be honest with yourself and be able to answer these questions very early on: Why specifically do I want to be a Solicitor/Barrister? What exactly attracts me to this career? What sort of work am I drawn to, and why? What clients? Why, … [read more...]


10 (and a bit) things Masters students should know about the Careers Service

We’re here for you during your Masters (and for 2 years after) We have web pages chock full of useful information and resources including pages just for Masters students We've made it easy for you to plan your development during your Masters year You can talk to us – drop in to the Atrium to talk to one of our Information Specialists book a one-to-one guidance appointment (NB – due to demand, these are reduced to 15 minute quick … [read more...]


Make the most of your master’s with the MGP

By current Careers Service MGP Toby Manley, who will soon be leaving us for Japan.  So, you’re coming to the end of your master’s degree, your thesis is a mere binding away from being submitted and you have overcome what initially seemed like an insurmountable mountain of postgraduate work. But what comes next? Well, after a celebratory drink (or drinks), if you’re still looking to be challenged in new and exciting ways and want the opportunity … [read more...]

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10 things you need to know about starting a career in Human Resources

What is HR? Human Resources (HR) is the name given to the area of a company, whether a team or individual, who has responsibility for recruiting new employees and managing work / employment conditions of current employees on behalf of that organisation. They are also responsible for ensuring an organisation’s staff (their human resources) are being used effectively to meet the objectives of the company. What does in involve? HR professionals are … [read more...]

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10 (and a bit) things PhDs should know about the Careers Service

We’re here for you during your PhD (and for 2 years after) We have web pages chock full of useful information and resources including the THE Award winning An Academic Career You can talk to us – drop in to the Atrium to talk to one of our Information Specialists book a one-to-one guidance appointment (NB – due to demand, these are reduced to 15 minute quick query sessions during September-October, but are usually 30 minutes) if you are a … [read more...]


5 Top Tips for Getting into International Development

I wish I had kept a count of the number of times I have been asked how best to get my first job in international development. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer. It’s great that so many students want to pursue a career in this sector but it does mean that is becoming increasingly competitive and there is no one right way to succeed. Getting practical work experience is so valuable to demonstrate that you have the skills required for the … [read more...]


The beauty of retrospect… what I wish I had done for my career during my time at Uni.

Hi all, I’m Cecily, the new MGP Information and Guidance Support Assistant for the Careers Service. Since I have been spending the past week advising loads of students on how to make the most out of their time at Uni and how to get ahead with their careers I thought I would share with you a few of pieces of advice that I wish I had known. Although first year often doesn’t count towards your degree mark it definitely can affect your chances of … [read more...]

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Do the thing that scares you!

By former Careers Service employee Bryony Spencer - who has recently made the move to the Big City.  Something I learned during my time at university is that you should always say “yes” to the things that scare you. Typically, these are the things that teach you more about yourself – what you enjoy, what you’re capable of, what drives you, and what you want to do more of in the future. For me this meant studying abroad in Sweden for six months, … [read more...]

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Get ready to return to University.

It may be August but sure enough that remaining time will fly by. Are you ready for the challenges of the year ahead? Going into your second  or pre-final year? Everyone talks about internships,  looking for one, applying, interviews & assessment centres, getting one / not getting one. The joy, the despair! Internships are just another name for work experience. This term is often used by the big graduate recruiters and often heralds panic … [read more...]


From the exam hall to the office – starting a new graduate job

I'm Jamie, I just graduated with an undergraduate degree in Music, and a few weeks ago I started my new job here at The Careers Service. My final year at The University of Manchester was a strange one indeed. Final year is without a doubt the most stressful - the workload piles up, the exams are worth more than ever before, and the pressure is on to figure out what to do after your degree. At the same time though, you’re probably at your most … [read more...]


From your masters degree to mastering your career

Click on the image to access our very easy guide to making the most of your masters in the next step in your career. … [read more...]

Sabrina Tan: Project Support Intern and the University enjoys a team outing at Chester Zoo.

What have you learnt this summer?

It’s the middle of summer – your last day at university, school or college feels like a long time ago and yet you've still got a month to go. Not bad, eh? We know that you’ll be busy over the summer, whether you’re doing some voluntary work, working a temporary job to get some cash in your pocket or even spending some time travelling and experiencing new cultures. But how many of you have stopped to think about what you're actually gaining from … [read more...]


Is work experience worth it? Anthropology student Marisa tells her story.

By Marisa Bell Final year Anthropology student Nine months slogging through one year of your degree can feel more like nine years at times. One bad week slips past and before you know it you're neck deep in readings - most of which barely feel as though they are written in your native language. As you sift through the inaccessible writings and abstract theories, scribbling notes, highlighting this, highlighting that - constantly measuring … [read more...]

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Avoid common mistakes when applying for a job.

It's the time of year when new graduates and returning students alike are all looking ahead to graduate jobs or internships. Make sure you avoid some of the top application mistakes.  What does the employer want? The employer has a job to fill, they know what makes a good employee and will have a list of skills, experience and attributes they are looking for. Your job is to correctly identify these and provide evidence that you have them AND … [read more...]

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PhDs – another fabulous (and paid) opportunity: facilitate this year’s Sustainability Challenge

As you may be aware, the University is currently recruiting facilitators to support the delivery of the ‘Sustainability Challenge’. The Challenge forms part of the 2016 Manchester Welcome for all first year students, and takes place this year on Tuesday 20th September.  There are now a number of paid opportunities for PGR students to join the team of facilitators. Paid PGR Challenge facilitators will work alongside a wide range of volunteer … [read more...]


Fancy a job working in Careers helping students? Intern Hannah tells all.

Want to apply for my job? As my 12 month MGP role is coming to an end in September, maybe you’d be interested in filling the position? I don’t know what I want to do Smiling for my photos I had just graduated after completing a 3 year Psychology degree at Manchester. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my future. Having just come home from backpacking around Thailand and now being named a graduate, I realised it really was time to … [read more...]

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Getting the third degree

A friend of mine was recently reminiscing about her graduation 4 years ago.  She was awarded a third class degree and hated her graduation day, struggling to work out what the 3 years were all for and what exactly she had learned. She had felt pretty down about it and wasn’t looking forward to her future career prospects. Four years on and she is happily pursuing a successful career path in PR – something she had never even thought of when she … [read more...]


Legally-related jobs for all Graduates

I went to a meeting recently where I met a number of graduates, some with law degrees, most with degrees across the disciplines, who have landed jobs that have a legal element to them. I have listed details below but a common theme was how each graduate describes ‘falling’ into the role – none of them even knew the roles existed before they saw them advertised and it was very much a shot into the unknown. The general message from these … [read more...]

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Think Insurance and Risk is boring or dull? Think again.

Who knew that Taylor Swift’s legs are insured for £10 million?  Or that 30,000 people have actually taken out insurance policies for alien abduction?  Ever wondered about the implications of insuring driverless cars; how to tackle the growing area of cyber-crime or exactly how to enforce stricter regulations on the use of drones? No - neither had I - but these are all projects that recent graduates have been involved with.   Think a career in … [read more...]


A 2:2 degree – Triumph not Tragedy

‘Well, I wanted to do a Graduate Scheme in Marketing, but they don’t take 2:2’s, so I’m going travelling. There’s nothing much else I can do’. – 2016 Graduate As she said these words, a gloomy silence fell on our little meeting, and we both sighed in an ‘ah well, nothing to be done’ sort of way, gazing wistfully out of the window, imagining what glittering career might have been. That pesky 2:2 went and ruined everything.. ‘NO!!’ I started, … [read more...]


PhDs – Want teaching experience and an opportunity to make the world a nicer place?

Are you passionate about your subject area? Would you like the opportunity to work with local school children? …then the Widening Participation Fellow programme might be for you! The Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Team is currently recruiting Postgraduate students for the position of Widening Participation Fellows. These positions support the University’s widening participation activities with a range of learners from primary … [read more...]


What’s going to happen to the graduate job market?

I can't pretend to know what's going to happen in the UK in the next half hour, never mind the next 6 months - other than I'm pretty sure we'll soon hear lots of press stories and anecdotes about problems in the job market (they've started already). We're in unprecedented times so history may not be an accurate predictor of what's to come, but it's worth looking at what happened to the graduate job market in the last recession. The press … [read more...]

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Don’t give up!

If you're graduating next month (well done!), chances are you've been sending off job applications left, right and centre. If you're lucky, you'll have had a couple of interviews and maybe even been offered a job. But unfortunately employers only have a finite number of positions to fill, which inevitably means that some candidates will be disappointed. This time last year I'd just finished my degree and couldn't tell you how many jobs I'd … [read more...]


Three ways to face an uncertain future

If you're feeling anxious and worried about how the EU referendum might affect your future plans and dreams, here are three things you can do: Look after yourself It's been a shock for almost everyone and you may find yourself going through some of the classic emotions associated with loss - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Be kind to yourself - it's OK to cut yourself some slack and seek out activities to give yourself a … [read more...]

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Accessing CareersLink as a graduate

Congratulations on completing your degree! Enjoy your success and your big day if you are coming to your graduation ceremony. You can continue to use full services at the Careers Service for 2 years after the end of your course including CareersLink which advertises job vacancies. Accessing CareersLink while you are still have student status You will be able to carry on using your CareersLink student log in in the 'Current Students' box … [read more...]


What to wear at work or for interview to make the right impression

I read this article the other day about how what your wear can affect what people believe your role is. People are biased, have preconceptions and a whole load of baggage that affects the way they react to you before you even open your mouth.   You can't change them but you can decide what you want them to see. When you arrive for an interview or meet new people, say in a new job or at a meeting they will decide who … [read more...]

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