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Current job opportunities for masters and PhD students

Having a few minutes of spare time today and not wanting to sit around twiddling my thumbs, I thought I'd have a nosy on CareersLink and see what might be on offer for our postgrads. Here's a couple of vacancies to pique your interest and encourage you to go exploring further. Keep an open mind in your explorations - you might find suitable opportunities even if they aren't specifically targeted at masters or PhD students. Also, don't worry too … [read more...]


From your masters degree to mastering your career

Click on the image to access our very easy guide to making the most of your masters in the next step in your career. … [read more...]


University 101: Starting Uni this year – things you need to know

Going to University is a unique experience and we hope you enjoy it.  It can be a little bewildering when you first start, meeting new people, settling into a new home and a new city plus getting to grips with your studies. It's easy to get swept away on a tide of new experiences and before you know it you are graduating and looking for a job.  Woah.... crazy right? A few things you need to know now to help you plan ahead... The good news … [read more...]

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How the Careers Service can help graduates

Without wanting to sound to OTT graduation marks the start of a new phase in your life. For many of you this may seem like a daunting prospect, but never fear the Careers Service is here!  As a graduate you’re eligible to use our services for 2 years after you graduate. As a graduate you’ll still have access to: Careers Guidance appointments Whether you know what you want to do or have no idea whatsoever (either is fine) you can talk to a … [read more...]


Accessing CareersLink as a graduate

Firstly from all of us  here at the Careers Service a massive congratulations to everyone graduating over the next two weeks– you should all be really proud of yourself so enjoy the day (even if it does rain!) The University is currently in the process of turning all your accounts from student to alumni and in the process deactivating your IT account. Although this means you won’t have access to computers on campus or your student email address … [read more...]

Obstacles can be overcome with the right tools and a little help.

Don’t read this blog post – it could change your life

“Yesterday was my birthday. So completely has a whole year passed, with scarcely the fruits of a month. – O Sorrow and Shame…I have done nothing.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s words open a New Yorker article wondering why writers stop writing, one that I came across because I was wondering what was blocking my blogging (I could have been introspective, but surely Google has all of the answers?). The poets, novelists, Nobel and Pulitzer prize … [read more...]


Where do you want to work? Home or away?

Many of you are young(ish), free and mobile, able to travel wherever you want with no mortgage and family ties. So you might go anywhere after graduation, right?  Apparently not! Graduate employment data tells us that when looking for jobs after graduation, students are remarkably conservative in their behaviour. Typically choices are in this order Stay where you study Go back home Go to London, if there is no other … [read more...]


My Summer Plans – Finding and applying for work experience

University of Manchester Student Hanna tells us about finding and applying for summer work experience What Type of Opportunity and Why? Studying a non-vocational course, my future careers plans are fairly vague. Coming to the end of my second year I knew that I needed to gain some type of experience to help me determine the type of career, industry and nature of work I would like to pursue. Considering my confidence as a communicator and my … [read more...]


So exams are finishing and its time to start thinking about what is next!

So what is next for you, do you feel under pressure to make that decision "what will I do with the rest of my life?" Don't fret and don't worry in this day and age the first job you do after university at graduate level does not dictate what you will do for the rest of your life. Many people change careers at different points in their lives. The one thing I would say is when you do get your first job pay attention to what you like and what you … [read more...]

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Three quick tips to spruce up your LinkedIn profile

        Customise your public URL When you set up a profile on LinkedIn, the default URL you get is a not so readable mix of your name and what looks like random numbers and letters: eg. Joebloggs/35/777/25a. So how can you change it? Go to your Profile Hover on your given URL Click on icon next to your URL that reads “update your public profile settings” A box entitled “Your … [read more...]

Managing your career can be fun. Really.

How to get good advice at Pathways 2015

(even if [especially if] no one is doing exactly the job you think you might want to do) Pathways gives you access to the career stories of many individuals doing many different types of work. Some may not been doing exactly the sort of job you imagine yourself doing, or that you might even find remotely interesting. Their stories are still valuable to you. During your academic research, you don’t just talk to and learn from people doing … [read more...]


Add real world consultancy skills and experience to your PhD

Rosalinda Quintieri, a doctoral researcher in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, has come up with a fantastic new way to help our current doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to get real consultancy training, skills and experience of implementing solutions. It's in collaboration with the University - and you've still got time to apply to take part. Over to Rosalinda to tell you all about it: There is a new Program at the … [read more...]

To Do list

“I’m a Masters student – and I’m not sure what I want to do next.”

Does that sound like you're feeling? If so, then you’ve come to the right place for information, advice and ideas on how to get started.    Develop a strategy for finding out about career options: Start with our How to… Guides, in particular: How to explore careers options online How to explore careers options in person Increase your self-awareness and awareness of career options: Try the Careers Interest Inventory – … [read more...]


Intimidated by long person specifications? Don’t be ! Tips to make it easier

So you see a vacancy listed and it sounds ideal - you open up the person specification and see the 3 pages of requirements and give up.  Sound familiar? It's quite common in the public sector (and some others) for job specifications to be very long.  Do not be put off, it's not that hard to break it down into something more digestible. Example: This job is looking for some specialist skills but a long list of transferable ones. With 44 items … [read more...]

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LinkedIn – Get involved in groups

This week I want to stress how and why you should be joining groups on LinkedIn. Groups are an important networking tool that will show up in your profile. There are many groups on LinkedIn (over a million!), focused around sectors, professions, themes, industries, etc. Recent graduates and students may find useful to join alumni groups. The University of Manchester has The University of Manchester Alumni Association  group which, at the time of … [read more...]


I can’t do that job, can I? Time to locate your skills!

So you found a job advertised and it looks great, but then you looked at the job description and convinced yourself you would never be shortlisted because you don't have the skills. STOP, BREATHE and start again. Every job has  a list of requirements, some will be technical or knowledge based but many jobs require transferable skills that you can acquire anywhere. The trick is to remember examples of times when you have used those skills … [read more...]


Careers advice playlist

Along with Liverpool FC my biggest passion in life is music. When I was growing up music was always on in the house and I remember my dad use to tell me how song lyrics related to what I was going through. Whilst on the bus this morning flicking though my I Pod I started thinking about how lyrics in certain songs can actually double up as snippets of careers advice. So I here I present to you my careers advice playlist.  I've stuck to the music … [read more...]


Helping Sam with his CV – content. Can you spot the difference in content?

Can you stop the difference between this version of Sam's CV and the one published on Friday? Sam doesn’t have to put everything on his CV – but he has to put on the stuff that’s going to get you to interview. You may notice that Sam has some gaps on his CV. He left school in 2008 – but didn’t start university until 2011. Did Sam make a mistake? Or are there things missing from his CV? Sam didn’t make a mistake, he did one thing applicants … [read more...]

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Loads of graduate jobs available – good news and bad news

The good news is graduate recruitment is up again this year So no more excuses to say there are no graduate jobs!  Go out there and get one! No, you are not too late, June is actually our top month for vacancies each year :) Check out our website for jobsearch sites Go to the Graduate Recruitment Fair in June The bad news is about the standard of applications so far Some of the reasons that places of graduate schemes are still … [read more...]

Sam's CV marked up

Helping Sam with his CV – layout and presentation.

Earlier in the week, I asked you to think about your own CV writing skills by considering what advice you would give Sam, an undergraduate student, with his CV. Unfortunately for Sam, his CV needs a lot of attention.  Since there are so many areas of concern in both presentation and content, I’ve made the decision not to tackle both at once with Sam.  We’ve agreed that a more effective approach is for Sam to work on some of the issues of layout … [read more...]

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Pathways –preparing for life after your PhD

You’re always being told that networking is the key to exploring career options and strategies for getting into work, but where are you supposed to find the time and the contacts when you’re concentrating on your research? Well, each year, we try to make it easier for you. Instead of you having to find a load of contacts, set up meetings, and take multiple days out of your diary to talk to them, we find over 50 PhD qualified professionals and … [read more...]

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How to use LinkedIn to find an internship

Summer is a great time to get some work experience and many students secure internships for this period. If you haven’t done so yet there is still time to try. LinkedIn can be a very useful tool in achieving that internship. Showcase your experience and achievements Following from my last post about where to start with LinkedIn, now you have set up your profile and started to build your network by connecting to people you know. Make sure that … [read more...]


Differently able

Growing up with a serious health condition I knew I was different to my  friends (I had blue lips for a start!) and it took  me longer to do certain things but this didn’t mean I was dis- abled I was just differently able. Being differently able meant that when it came to applying for jobs I could offer employers a range of skills and experiences I’d developed, skills and experiences able bodied people may not have gained.   What I’m trying to … [read more...]

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How good are your CV writing skills? Find out by helping Sam.

 Sam is applying for the following job*: Get Everyone Gardening Scheme 2015 South Riding of Yorkshire Botanical Trust You will excite and facilitate people to get involved with sowing, growing and enjoying growing food and flowers and to share examples of the benefits. Your focus will be to develop and implement engagement activities that extend the reach and impact of the Get Everyone Gardening Scheme 2015 – both on the ground and … [read more...]

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LinkedIn- where to start

 You will have heard about LinkedIn and many of you might even have a profile on LinkedIn. However, we often hear that students and recent graduates don’t know what do with their LinkedIn accounts. Over the next weeks we’ll make a series of posts about how to improve your LinkedIn use and make the best of its features. So what is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you can search for jobs, research professionals and … [read more...]


Social Justice Festival – Postgrads welcome!

JustFest: Thursday 23rd April Workshops: 10:00 - 12:00 Festival events: 12:00-18:00 outside University Place The University of Manchester’s first Social Justice Festival kicks off this Thursday. This is a brand new event aiming to promote a just society by challenging injustice, valuing diversity, and supporting human rights and a fair allocation of resources - and postgrads are very welcome to attend. 24 workshops in the morning … [read more...]

Have you got some ideas for making the most of conferences?

The Art/Science* of Academic Networking

*(delete as appropriate) Which of the following best describes you at a conference? __ Life of the conference - always leave having given out a stack of cards and collecting invites to give seminars __ Making sure whatever session I’m in is the trending topic on Twitter __ Browsing posters on coffee breaks and chatting with one or two people about the weather. __ Most likely to be found lurking in dark corners/behind the poster … [read more...]


Careers in the corridors of power

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to work at No. 10 Downing Street, read on. From Paul Gratrick, Careers Manager, Faculty of Humanities: Ever since receiving the unenviable nomination as ‘Person most likely to be Prime Minister’ in my secondary school yearbook I’ve wanted to visit Downing Street. Many years ago you could do just that, and as a tourist you could walk right up to No.10 and loiter around to your hearts content. … [read more...]


International jobs on CareersLink

You may be at a stage where you are panicking about your career, but don't worry there are still plenty of opportunities out there for you to apply to. For those of you interested in staying in the UK, there are opportunities requiring language skills,  but you need to be proactive, flexible and realistic. Understand your market, who is on the sponsor register, visa regulations for you and the employer, minimum salaries to qualify for a visa and … [read more...]


Looking for work in Manchester

In this article we will be looking at finding part-time jobs, work experience and graduate work in the Manchester area. Looking for work experience - Internships, summer jobs and volunteering? Use your CareersLink account - jobs for University of Manchester students & graduates Use the advanced search and select vacancy type = student placement/internship& casual seasonal work & or volunteering plus region = North west … [read more...]

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