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Have all the good jobs gone already?

So, you're in your final year. You haven't got a job lined up yet.  Have you blown any chance of getting a decent job sorted before you graduate? NO! With all the frantic activity of the autumn recruitment round and the graduate fairs, you would be forgiven if you thought all the "good" graduate jobs had already been scooped up and you'd been left behind. However, that's just one of the many myths of the graduate recruitment market. Here are … [read more...]


Recorded or videoed interviews – Tips and advice for preparing.

Telephone interviews have been popular with recruiters for many years now as a cheap way to speak to lots of candidates. Skype interviews started a few years ago and seem to be neither increasing or decreasing - it's possible that problems with the reliability of the technology could be making recruiters think about different methods... This brings us to the recorded or videoed interviews. They take a number of formats. You may have time … [read more...]

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The Importance of a Placement & Work Experience

Guest Blogger Post Belinda Mbuthia, Health Check Analyst - UKI Systems Currency Team, IBM & University of Manchester Student. Hard to believe that it was just the other day that I was wondering what scheme to apply for, what company or even whether I should take the year out to get some work experience. Now almost half-way through with my placement at IBM and I can confidently say that doing a placement was one of the best decisions I have … [read more...]


I don’t know what I want to do? How can the Careers Service help me?

Not many of us are born knowing what we want to be when we grow up.  I certainly didn't, even after I graduated! I did a Geography degree which I loved, lots of society stuff which took up most of my time, I didn't really pay much attention to what came next! Yes the end of University and entering the real world. I had a good idea that the world of finance and big corporates was not for me, even looking at the applications made me feel a … [read more...]


Job hunting and the importance of having an open mind

'A mind is like a parachute. It don't work if its not open' A classic quote from legendary musician Frank Zappa and a sound bit of careers advice if you ask me (although I’m pretty sure that’s not what he intended!). When career planning here are a few things I think you need to keep your mind open about including … The options open to you Think our job opportunities are limited by the degree you studied? Think again! Over 60% of graduate jobs … [read more...]

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Funding for Postgraduate courses. Masters and PhD studies.

There are lots of funding sources and often postgraduate students get different amounts from different places to fund their studies. Therefore the key thing is to apply to as many sources as possible. Funding is also competitive and there are different eligibility criteria and deadlines, so make sure you do your research and know exactly what you are applying for. Masters students The new UK Government Postgraduate loans scheme has still … [read more...]

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6 steps to a perfect Cover Letter

By Jenny Sloan Most of us have come across CVs before, whether it was for a part time job or during a compulsory Careers module in school last class on a Friday afternoon. Cover Letters, however, are a little more daunting. There is so much great (and not so great) information online about how to write an outstanding Cover Letter. However, a lot of this information is long-winded and confusing, so to help you out, here are 6 simple steps to … [read more...]


Ready to travel the world with your career?

If you're determined to travel the world with your job, did you know that a small number of sought-after graduate schemes allow you to experience international placements as part of your initial training. Some go further and are the springboard for a future career traveling the globe. Yes, they’re competitive, some have challenging entry requirements (language capability, Masters, experience of living outside your home country) - but think of … [read more...]


Situational Judgement Tests

Over the past few years, there has been a big increase in the use of situational judgement tests (SJTs) as a tool for selecting candidates for jobs. What are situational judgement tests? They are generally multiple choice tests, where you are given a scenario and asked to choose what you would do in that situation. You may be asked to choose just one answer, or to rate the answers according to what you would be most and least likely to do. … [read more...]


What I did with my summer #2 My Embassy Internship

Interested in diplomatic career? Apply for an internship at the Embassy! Petra tells us her story... As a second year student of Middle Eastern Studies and Middle Eastern Languages I was always interested in traveling, politics and international relations. The most suitable internship I could think of was at the Embassy. People often assume contacts are needed in order to get a placement there but it is not true. The application … [read more...]


Winter is coming – let’s plan for summer internships!

There's no denying it we are firmly in the grip of Autumn and winter is just around the corner. Soon you will be revising for exams and getting assignments in, so spare a little time if you can to make a few plans for summer! Looking for a summer internship in a big company? Large corporations often take summer interns from their second or prefinal year as a way of selecting talent for their graduate schemes. They are usually advertised … [read more...]

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Strength based interviews explained

Just when you worked out what a competency based interview are they go and start with something new... Strength based interviews! Quote from an employer “Many candidates come to interview pretending to be the kind of person they believe we are looking for…My advice? Simply be yourself, because if you have to pretend to get a job you may have to continue pretending for an uncomfortably long time.” Stength based questions tend to be more … [read more...]


Where are all the science jobs?

If you're a science student who loves science, it can sometimes feel like all the jobs are for business students, engineers or computer scientists. This is to reassure you that there are ways of finding science jobs - if you know where to look. Two alternatives are: a) Look for science jobs which are being advertised The pros - you know there is a job to be filled The cons - so do lot of other people, so the competition will be … [read more...]


A message from our Chancellor, to all of us

I started my 9am careers talk to postgrads (hello again to all you Chemical Engineering Masters!) with this 2 minute video. It's from Lemn Sissay, our newly installed Chancellor of the University of Manchester. The Chancellor is a ceremonial post, acting as an ambassador for the university, but first, Lemn (hope he lets me call him that) talked to us, all of us who belong here at the University of Manchester. If ever there was a message made … [read more...]

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Preparing for the fairs as a graduate

Next week our autumn fairs are taking place in Manchester Central. The Business Finance & Management  fair takes place on Tuesday 20th and The Engineering, Science & Technology fair takes place on Wednesday 21st.  As the events team at the Careers Service put the finishing touches to the venue and employers organise travel for their representatives it’s important that you also prepare to attend. So what do you need to be doing  and … [read more...]

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3 reasons to get down to the Autumn Fairs

Alright, heading over to Manchester Central Convention Centre may seem like a bit of a trek. But there’s plenty to gain from coming along to one of our upcoming fairs, whatever your degree subject and whether you’ve given your future some thought or not. So why should you make time to attend a fair? To explore what’s out there! It’s not unusual to be a bit unsure about what you’re going to do after you graduate – but you could get a … [read more...]


Making the Most of your Time in Manchester whether you are a UK/EU/International Student!

So you have arrived at The University of Manchester for your first year of an undergraduate degree, a 1 year postgraduate degree or returning after a Summer break, what do you do now. Well of course attend class and study but what else can you do while you are here that will improve your employability? These are the things we will address in this post. You need to take the time to explore your surroundings and not just the bars and Students … [read more...]

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What I did with my summer #1 My Physics research internship

Last summer we asked students to write a blog post about what they did with their summer.   This is the first of our stories - we hope they give you some ideas for the types of things you can do next summer. This is Utkarsh's story... I am a fourth year student studying for an MPhys (Hons) in physics and this summer I did a project at Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics (MCND). How did you find out about the opportunity? I want to … [read more...]


Masters – hurtling towards the finish line…

Everyone's welcoming the new postgrads and undergrads - but we haven't forgotten that our 2014/15 Masters are still here, running full-tilt towards graduation. If you're in that category and don't yet have something lined up for when you finish, here are our "just in time" tips for finding a job: Looking in the UK? Don't restrict yourself to ads asking for a Masters. In the UK, few recruiters specify they need a Masters, apart from in a … [read more...]

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The Latest Events & Jobs for Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan Students UoM

1. Decathlon China – Store Department Manager Programme Event on Campus; 2pm - 6pm on 16 October 2015 in Theatre A, University Place, Oxford Road. There will be some hiring managers present from the company and they will be hiring for jobs. You can get an interview with the hiring manager on site. Dress smart for interview and bring your CV with you. Event ID 2730 on CareersLink Places are … [read more...]


The Great Graduate Scheme Grand Prix

For me October always feels  a F1 race – It’s all go go go  on Campus as term gets into full swing and here at the careers service we are all (fifth!) geared up for the busy graduate recruitment period.  I’m sure many of starting to apply for graduate scheme are feeling the same so here are some tips to ensure you’re in poll position to win the race! Understand what you are applying for A graduate scheme is a graduate scheme right? Wrong! … [read more...]

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How to get the experience and skills employers look for?

A good degree is important to employers but organisations also want graduates to demonstrate that they have developed skills - often called employability skills, along the way. Work experience gives you an insight into the working environment and help you develop skills that you can use within your degree studies and once you graduate. It doesn't have to be paid work either, volunteering or getting involved in sports and hobbies or other … [read more...]

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‘I need a job, now!’

Your graduate friends all seem to be posting on Facebook about amazing new careers and colleagues. Your student mates are back at uni scoffing free Welcome Week pizza. How about you, have you been looking for a job but getting nowhere, or maybe you've been procrastinating getting started? How are you feeling? Scared, worried, daunted, dejected, broke? Make today the day you make a fresh start and make a plan! If you haven't started It's … [read more...]

police blog

Police now! The new way to join the police force.

My name is Michael and I work as an Employability Executive for The Careers Service. I visit companies to hear about job opportunities they wish to promote to University of Manchester graduates. I was recently invited by the Metropolitan Police to visit Scotland Yard, to find out more about Police Now, the Met’s answer to Teach First.   So what is Police Now? In short, The Police Now Leadership Development Programme is a two-year graduate … [read more...]


10 (and a bit) things Masters students should know about the Careers Service

We’re here for you during your Masters (and for 2 years after) We have web pages chock full of useful information and resources including pages just for Masters students We've made it easy for you to plan your development during your Masters year You can talk to us – drop in to the Atrium to talk to one of our Information Specialists book a one-to-one guidance appointment (NB – due to demand, these are reduced to 15 minute quick query … [read more...]


10 (and a bit) things PhD students should know about the Careers Service

We’re here for you during your PhD (and for 2 years after) We have web pages chock full of useful information and resources including the THE Award winning An Academic Career You can talk to us – drop in to the Atrium to talk to one of our Information Specialists book a one-to-one guidance appointment (NB – due to demand, these are reduced to 15 minute quick query sessions during September-October, but are usually 30 minutes) if you … [read more...]

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New! Careers support for Humanities PGRs

The SALC Graduate School and the Careers Service have joined forces to make it even easier for all Humanities PGRs to access careers support. From next week, I will be holding drop-in guidance appointments in my new office in Ellen Wilkinson C1.5 (some of you might have already noticed the door and/or me bedecking it with useful careers stuff).  If the door is open, do stop in and say hello (if the door is closed, I will be having an appointment … [read more...]

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Not sure if your degree programme is right for you?

Whether you are newly arrived or returning to University you may need to make a decision about your degree programme. Most people who consider of changing or leaving  course decide to stay on. Sometimes it can be homesickness and the strangeness of settling in and new learning styles, for others it can be worry about what the course will lead to afterwards. Talking it through will help! Even if you decide to make a change this is not a … [read more...]

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Where are all the part time jobs on campus?

The good news: There are jobs available for students on campus. The bad news: There aren't 38,000 of these jobs so there won't be enough to go round. Most jobs at the University are advertised on by the Central HR team not Careers. As you will see they range from: Academic - Professorships and lectureships Management and professional - Specialist administrative and management jobs Research - … [read more...]

keep calm blog

Keep calm and go to University. Tips from international graduate Renesa.

My name is Renesa and I am an alumni of the University of Manchester. I graduated in 2013 with a MSc in Poverty & Development and now I am working part-time in a civic organization in Rome, Italy. I spent one year in Manchester and here my tips to ease your way into university life. BEFORE FLYING OFF TO MANCHESTER... ...get to know your university, even if you live at the other side of the world. How do you do it? You can order … [read more...]

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