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Planning ahead for your summer

Although it may seem a long way off, the summer will come around quickly and the holidays are a great time to get in some work or volunteering experience while you’re not worried about next week’s reading or assignment deadlines. The key to getting your summer sorted is to plan ahead and organise things early because many opportunities that take place over the summer will be advertised early in the year. Internships will be a word you hear and … [read more...]


Get sustainability and social responsibility experiences on campus

Do you care about the environment, sustainability or social responsibility? The University is working to make a difference and you can get involved and help your career prospects at the same time! How will this help your career? Develop your skills.  See specific examples below. Sustainability and social responsibility are priorities for many organisations and employers in all sectors and are likely to become even more important in the … [read more...]

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International student job search FAQ UK

I was asked recently by a colleague to answer some frequently asked questions that all careers advisers/consultants who work with international students get. Here are my answers to these questions. 1. How easy is it to get a job in the UK? It is not easy getting a job in the UK but it can be done.  If you are looking to stay on and work in the UK, you can find out more about work visa regulations for the UK and how they affect international … [read more...]


The 12 Myths of Careers – Refresher!

Over the twelve days of Christmas, we busted some of the common misconceptions about careers and the future that have been causing Manchester students anxiety over the academic year so far. If you were too busy with deadlines, exams and New Year festivities to catch any of these myths, here's a refresher! … [read more...]

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Applying for the NHS Scientist Training Programme, 2016

2016 STP - opened 14th January, closes 12th February Thousands of scientists and engineers of all disciplines work for the NHS, and the most prestigious entry route is the Scientist Training Programme - and it's open now! NB: This blog post replaces our previous posts on the STP. Some of the resources mentioned in this post may only be accessible by University of Manchester students ADDED 3/2/2016 by Suzanne (Careers Service) We have created … [read more...]


There is no quick fix or an easy way for an international graduate to get a job in the UK

I get asked on a regular basis how as an international student/graduate is the easiest way to find a job in the UK? The answer is there isn't an easy way to find a job in the UK as a UK graduate or an international graduate. The situation is not helped by the fact employers on most job posts indicate "you must be eligible to work in the UK" at the bottom of the job description. This can be very frustrating for international graduates as they have … [read more...]

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Beat those January blues

Blue Monday, freezing temperatures, dark nights, post-Christmas bank balances and new diet and fitness regimes are just some of the reasons January can feel like the most depressing month of the year. Add to that the recent loss of Starman David Bowie and Professor Alan ‘Snape’ Rickman makes the start of 2016 seem even worse. It might be difficult but try to look on the bright side -  things can only get better, and if you are looking for a … [read more...]

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What to do when you can’t find a job you are interested in?

Studying at University doesn't mean you know what you want to do when you graduate. Even doing a vocational degree is no guarantee that you will want to want to stay in that field after graduation. The good news is, you do not need to decide the rest of your life right now. Lots of graduates try something out and then move on.   But what to try first? Looking at graduate directories & jobsites can be like going to the supermarket without a … [read more...]


Working in management and or business. Love it, hate it, what is it?

Business and management, 2 words that either appeal to you or strike fear into your heart!  There seems to be a great deal of confusion over what these mysterious business and management job things are though. So how can you know if you would love or hate something if you don't know what it looks like? So what is management? Google defines it as the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. So what is business? Google defines … [read more...]

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Myth #12: Nobody would want to hire me.

Ask any student or recent graduate you know and all will agree that there seems to be more pressure on graduates to succeed than ever before, with recruitment processes seemingly becoming increasingly daunting. Faced with the prospect of psychometric testing, assessment centres and interviews, it’s understandable if you’re worried that you have little to offer a potential employer. Think instead about what being a student gives you. Your degree … [read more...]

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Myth #11: You need to decide now what to do with the rest of your life.

As students we often fall into the trap of believing that we must decide on our future profession before graduating, and that this decision is somehow a lifelong commitment. You have a wide range of career options open to you and deciding on a single one, especially without experience of any others, is not only difficult but perhaps also impractical. Career trajectories are not static. They continue to change with the world around us, as you … [read more...]

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Myth #10: The Careers Service will tell you what job to do.

That would make life a lot easier, wouldn’t it? But sadly we’re not fortune tellers. If anything, we’re like a gym. You can have a membership at the best gym in the world but unless you’re going regularly and putting the effort in, nothing is going to change. The Careers Service is the same. As we said in myth #9, we can recommend industries to you and help you work out what skills you’d like to use or what kind of environment you’d be happiest … [read more...]

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Myth #9: You need to know what you want to do in order to use the Careers Service.

We don’t all know exactly what we want to do with our futures. Even some of the Careers Service staff still aren’t entirely sure themselves! In fact, most people have an average of three different careers during their lifetime, so it’s not unusual to be uncertain about what to do after you graduate. What you can be certain about is that the Careers Service is here to assist you no matter where you are on your path to employment, even if you have … [read more...]


Myth #8: LinkedIn is just about showing off.

The abundance of less than flattering display pictures on there is alone enough to debunk this myth. But it is not uncommon for students to be unsure about what Linkedin is for, even if they use it themselves. The social media site has been built with recruitment in mind and can be a very powerful tool for any student or graduate in search of work. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and what have you, Linkedin is about selling your professional self as … [read more...]

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Myth #7: Networking is senior professionals in suits schmoozing over canapés.

Networking strikes fear into the hearts of many, but really it isn’t nearly as bad as it seems. It’s not all CEOs and industry virtuosos swapping success stories over champagne and canapés (although sometimes it can be). In reality, networking is about making contact with people who can offer information, advice and support, and can tell you about what’s going on in their industry. It’s an opportunity to learn from others, ask questions, and … [read more...]

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Myth #6: Postgraduates have to work in academia.

As we said to archaeology students who want to be archaeologists (Myth #2), if you’re undertaking a Masters or PhD with every intention of working as an academic, then absolutely go for it. But if you’re becoming a bit disenchanted with research then there’s no reason your postgraduate degree can’t take you down other avenues. Your first step is to make yourself aware of all the opportunities available to you. Your School should be able to tell … [read more...]

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Myth #5: Internships Aren’t Paid.

Really, an “internship” is just a period of work experience. Sometimes they’re the traditional eight-week placement undertaken in the summer vacation, but they can also be anything from a two-week opportunity to a year-long full-time position. Some employers use student internships and placements as a means of recruiting graduates to full-time roles. And, as this Guardian Careers article attests, a good internship is one that is paid at the … [read more...]

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Myth #4: There aren’t any jobs out there for graduates in this economic climate.

We’ve all heard this statement before, be it from disgruntled friends or the media, and despite the frequency with which it’s uttered, it just isn’t true. There are currently (at the time of writing) 1,020 full-time roles being advertised on CareersLink, and that’s just one vacancy database – and, as the graph below shows, employers are looking to recruit graduates throughout the year. As we addressed in Myth #1, don’t fall into the trap of … [read more...]

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Myth #3: Getting a First gives you a better chance of getting a job.

As addictive a drug as academic excellence can be, it is prudent to invest some time in activities other than studying. This is because recruiters are seeking more than just book smarts in their prospective new employees. A well-rounded graduate with a 2:1 degree, some work experience and a few interesting extracurricular activities on their CV will stand a much greater chance of being employed than a student who has only a First-class degree to … [read more...]


Myth #2: Your degree dictates your career.

If you’re studying archaeology and you want to be an archaeologist, then absolutely go for it. Sometimes your degree subject will lead directly into what you want to do after university. But if you’re a History student sick of being told you’ll be a teacher, a Law student who isn’t a budding barrister, or a sciences student wanting out of the labs, then your degree doesn’t set a limit on what you can do after graduation. Ask the (adultier) … [read more...]

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Myth #1: If you don’t get on a graduate scheme during your final year, you’ve blown your chances of a good job.

Okay so if you’re not wearing a Christmas jumper, it’s impossible to have a good Christmas, right? Yes Christmas jumpers are great, but they’re not the only thing that makes Christmas special. The same is true for your future job – there are a multitude of alternatives to graduate schemes that will still provide a great start to a rewarding and enjoyable career. Although a great deal of importance is placed on graduate schemes with “big” … [read more...]

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The 12 Myths of Careers…

Over the 12 days of Christmas, myself and my fellow wordsmith Toby will be busting some of the common misconceptions about careers and the future that we know have been causing our students anxiety this academic year. If you miss any, we'll be doing a refresher post of all 12 myths at the start of semester two to help alleviate those post-Christmas blues and keep you motivated for the new year to come. … [read more...]


Careers Christmas playlist

I’ll be driving home for Christmas next week (well my brother in law will be) and as we head back up the A1 we are sure to be blasting out the Christmas tunes!  It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition as has my annual Christmas  themed blog. This year I thought I would combine the two and create my own Christmas themed careers playlist  Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer  Santa appreciated Rudolf’s red nose, in fact he couldn’t have done his job … [read more...]


Tips for psychometric tests

Many larger recruiters use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment & selection procedure for graduate schemes and internships. The way they have been used and the types of tests have changed over the years but essentially they are trying to get the pool of applicants down to those who meet the basic criteria. Smaller employers or those just recruiting for 1 or 2 staff at a time for more specific roles may not use tests or may … [read more...]

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Ambitious Futures: a graduate scheme for university leadership

Interested in a graduate scheme but want something a little different? Interested in the Higher Education/public sector? The Ambitious Futures Graduate Scheme could be for you! This unique programme will give you the opportunity to gain real experience in the business of how universities operate in a diverse and fast-paced sector. The scheme is 15 months long, involving three different placements across two universities. In each placement, you … [read more...]


Have all the good jobs gone already?

So, you're in your final year. You haven't got a job lined up yet.  Have you blown any chance of getting a decent job sorted before you graduate? NO! With all the frantic activity of the autumn recruitment round and the graduate fairs, you would be forgiven if you thought all the "good" graduate jobs had already been scooped up and you'd been left behind. However, that's just one of the many myths of the graduate recruitment market. Here are … [read more...]


Recorded or videoed interviews – Tips and advice for preparing.

Telephone interviews have been popular with recruiters for many years now as a cheap way to speak to lots of candidates. Skype interviews started a few years ago and seem to be neither increasing or decreasing - it's possible that problems with the reliability of the technology could be making recruiters think about different methods... This brings us to the recorded or videoed interviews. They take a number of formats. You may have time … [read more...]

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The Importance of a Placement & Work Experience

Guest Blogger Post Belinda Mbuthia, Health Check Analyst - UKI Systems Currency Team, IBM & University of Manchester Student. Hard to believe that it was just the other day that I was wondering what scheme to apply for, what company or even whether I should take the year out to get some work experience. Now almost half-way through with my placement at IBM and I can confidently say that doing a placement was one of the best decisions I have … [read more...]


I don’t know what I want to do? How can the Careers Service help me?

Not many of us are born knowing what we want to be when we grow up.  I certainly didn't, even after I graduated! I did a Geography degree which I loved, lots of society stuff which took up most of my time, I didn't really pay much attention to what came next! Yes the end of University and entering the real world. I had a good idea that the world of finance and big corporates was not for me, even looking at the applications made me feel a … [read more...]


Job hunting and the importance of having an open mind

'A mind is like a parachute. It don't work if its not open' A classic quote from legendary musician Frank Zappa and a sound bit of careers advice if you ask me (although I’m pretty sure that’s not what he intended!). When career planning here are a few things I think you need to keep your mind open about including … The options open to you Think our job opportunities are limited by the degree you studied? Think again! Over 60% of graduate jobs … [read more...]

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