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Social Justice Festival – Postgrads welcome!

JustFest: Thursday 23rd April Workshops: 10:00 - 12:00 Festival events: 12:00-18:00 outside University Place The University of Manchester’s first Social Justice Festival kicks off this Thursday. This is a brand new event aiming to promote a just society by challenging injustice, valuing diversity, and supporting human rights and a fair allocation of resources - and postgrads are very welcome to attend. 24 workshops in the morning … [read more...]

Have you got some ideas for making the most of conferences?

The Art/Science* of Academic Networking

*(delete as appropriate) Which of the following best describes you at a conference? __ Life of the conference - always leave having given out a stack of cards and collecting invites to give seminars __ Making sure whatever session I’m in is the trending topic on Twitter __ Browsing posters on coffee breaks and chatting with one or two people about the weather. __ Most likely to be found lurking in dark corners/behind the poster … [read more...]


Careers in the corridors of power

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to work at No. 10 Downing Street, read on. From Paul Gratrick, Careers Manager, Faculty of Humanities: Ever since receiving the unenviable nomination as ‘Person most likely to be Prime Minister’ in my secondary school yearbook I’ve wanted to visit Downing Street. Many years ago you could do just that, and as a tourist you could walk right up to No.10 and loiter around to your hearts content. … [read more...]


International jobs on CareersLink

You may be at a stage where you are panicking about your career, but don't worry there are still plenty of opportunities out there for you to apply to. For those of you interested in staying in the UK, there are opportunities requiring language skills,  but you need to be proactive, flexible and realistic. Understand your market, who is on the sponsor register, visa regulations for you and the employer, minimum salaries to qualify for a visa and … [read more...]


Looking for work in Manchester

In this article we will be looking at finding part-time jobs, work experience and graduate work in the Manchester area. Looking for work experience - Internships, summer jobs and volunteering? Use your CareersLink account - jobs for University of Manchester students & graduates Use the advanced search and select vacancy type = student placement/internship& casual seasonal work & or volunteering plus region = North west … [read more...]

The poet John Oldham said, "And all your future lies under your hat." how can you make sure it's the right hat?

Once upon a time… role models, stories and finding your own career Pathways

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a vet.  I was four years old, I liked animals and when we took my cat to the vet, I saw people who got to work with animals every day.  So determined did I seem,  that my mother even bought me a book about becoming a vet, Ms. Veterinarian by Mary Price Lee (the title might seem strange now, but back in 1976 it was rare for women to pursue veterinary careers; now nearly 60% of veterinary … [read more...]

interview queue

Interview nerves- what can you do?

Are you anxious about an upcoming interview? Do you think your nerves have held you back at interview on previous occasions? Everyone has been there. I certainly have been there. And you know what? We’re not alone. You might have heard of the recent “car crash interview” delivered on radio by the Green Party Leader. Ok it was on the radio but it’s not that different from what we go through at a job interview. When asked to explain how she would … [read more...]

giving feeback

Read this if you are looking for an amazing part-time job opportunity

NB: Before applying you are expected to have experienced the Applications Advice service as a client and/or observed a session – your experience will form part of the interview.  Contact What’s the job? The University of Manchester Careers Service is looking to recruit a number of Applications Advisers for Academic Year 2015-16, working as part of a busy careers team to provide 1-1 advice to students and … [read more...]


Looking for graduate job ads? Start here!

Quick, convenient, hassle-free job-hunting - that's what you want as a finalist or graduate. That's why we've created Graduate JobSearch. In a couple of clicks, you can be looking at real live job ads aimed at new (or soon to be) graduates. It's mobile friendly, so now you can browse on the bus or click over coffee. It targets jobs suitable for new graduates. Access 200+ targeted job searches or job sites - all from one … [read more...]


Postgraduate study

The university recently held a Postgraduate Study Fair which got me thinking it was probably timely to blog about postgraduate study, and more specifically the things you’ll have to consider.  As someone who has just completed a masters course I hope my insights will be helpful if you’re considering further study. Is postgraduate study right for me? Deciding whether or not to  go back to university is clearly a big decision and there are a … [read more...]

sleeping cat

Are you putting off dealing with procrastination?

I’d meant to write this post days ago but now the week is almost over and I am wondering, ‘Where did all that time go?’ Procrastination. A big word for what is simply putting off until tomorrow what can – or should – be done today.  In fact, the literal translation of the classical Latin root procrastinus is  ‘that which belongs to tomorrow’. While the concept is simple – delaying or even not doing something – the reasons for … [read more...]

group photo - Global graduates

Global Graduates – Beckie’s story.

Global Graduates is a programme run by the University with a private donor, which was established in 2012 and has kept growing and becoming more successful over time. Last year, I was one of the lucky 28 chosen to go on the trip; my chosen location was Hong Kong. The programme has six amazing destinations: Dubai, Hong Kong, London and Paris (combined), New York City, San Francisco or Singapore, which you get to spend around a week in. The … [read more...]

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd

MGIP made me

Jenny tells her story... Final year at university is arguably the most exciting and terrifying time of your life. You have to cope with a monstrous dissertation and looming exams, while facing the prospect of your best friend moving across the country for a graduate scheme, your housemates moving home and your course friends going travelling. And here you are, staring blankly at a computer screen in Blue 3 while faced with the prospect of your … [read more...]


Working Abroad

With immigration making lots of  headlines over the last few weeks I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that the UK is the only place people want to live and work. Of course this isn't true, after graduating many people choose to live and work outside of the UK. If you're considering working abroad the resources below will help you find and apply for jobs. How to find vacancies & research employers Finding opportunities abroad can seem … [read more...]

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1 easy (but very useful) thing you could do today to prepare for life after graduation

Reflecting from scratch can be a daunting task. Just you and blank sheet of paper. Where do you start? With work? University? Extra-curricular activities? What’s important? What’s not? What’s useful for sorting out your career? Or valuable to tell potential employers? How much detail is enough? How do you take action on your reflections to recognise your strengths, make improvements, make decisions about your future? Grossman (2009) sheds some … [read more...]

iStock_000022496115Small Casting net wide

Looking for summer work experience – the bigger picture

The availability of summer internship schemes with corporate companies may be soon coming to a close, but there are still summer opportunities for work experience and internships available and other opportunities to develop your skills and experience to consider.   Finding work experience with smaller/medium size organisations Smaller and medium sized companies will be advertising their positions. How can you find out about these … [read more...]

Crossing out reactive and writing proactive on a blackboard.

What if I want to change or leave my degree?

You start a course and for whatever reason you realise it's not for you.  What do you do next? Discontinuing or changing course is not a failure. Identifying that something needs to change and taking action to make that happen shows you have the resilience to cope when things go wrong, a skill employers look for. 1 Seek help before making a decision. Don't just stop attending lectures talk it through first. See a student support … [read more...]


One thing I could do NOW to sort out my future

We're always banging on about things you could do to sort out your career or get a job - but what if there's just too much "stuff to do"? How do you pick out the stuff which is important to your future? What should you do first? And what if you don't know what kind of "career" you want anyway? Luckily, as a current University of Manchester undergrad, you have exclusive access to "One thing to sort your future out, right now" - or "My … [read more...]

hands holding reins on horse

In the saddle and raring to go…

Thanks to Elizabeth for a great introduction to the blog. It's an honour to be taking over the reins of the Postgraduate Graduate Careers blog from such enthusiastic, experienced and skilful hands. New jobs are fun and exciting - and a little bit daunting:  How does one find one's way around the Stopford Building?, Ah, 'the baked bean tin' and University Place are one and the same..., and the Renold Building is farther away from my office … [read more...]


Postgrad Blog – Rebooted

One TWO, one TWO ...  is this thing on? It's been a long silence, but we're back, with a great new act about to make her debut on the "Introducing Stage". Job changes have sadly left me no time to nurture my beloved postgrad blog, but at last we've recruited a fantastic new postgraduate careers consultant, Dr Darcey Gillie, to take over the reins. She's as much a fan of using social media and new technologies to talk to postgrads as I … [read more...]


Valentines special: How to find your perfect (job) partner

Whether you are looking for a job for life or a more short term engagement, it's important to choose carefully and plan your approach. Sometimes you can tell at a glance that a job is not for you, wrong hours, wrong location, or you just don't have the skills. However, some jobs grow on you. The more you get to know about them the more interesting they seem, you start to understand who they are and what they are looking for and realise that … [read more...]

The keys of success

Help us to help you improve your chances of success at applications and interviews

We are doing some research to find out what University of Manchester students and recent graduates find most difficult when applying for jobs and going for interviews. The results will help us evaluate the current resources and support available to you and help to design future products or services that meet your needs. Please spend 5 minutes on our survey  We don't have any fancy incentives or prize draws, a warm fuzzy feeling that you … [read more...]

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How to find Non Graduate Scheme roles

Think a graduate training scheme is the only option open to you when leaving university? Think again! In reality these schemes only represent a small proportion of the overall number of jobs suitable for graduates. Most graduates are employed directly into individual positions within a range of different organisations. Organisations in the following sectors are unlikely to have big graduate schemes: • Media, cultural & heritage • … [read more...]


Preparing for applying to medicine in Autumn 2015?

Only just started thinking about applying to medicine?  - read our guide Deadlines for applications to UCAS for medicine are usually mid october - check here  10 things you need to be doing now Explore your motivations to become a doctor. (inspiration and future job satisfaction)  You will need to be able to discuss this on your application and at interview. Gain direct health and caring experience. (e.g. Hospitals as a Health Care … [read more...]

Connect to a mentor

How to write a good application for the Manchester Gold mentoring scheme?

The Manchester Gold mentoring scheme is a great opportunity to be matched with a mentor to gain advice and support from someone with experience, insights and hindsight who could already be working in the job you're aiming for, in an industry area that interests you or has graduated from the same course as you. As a University of Manchester student, if you are thinking of applying to the spring scheme for the Manchester Gold mentoring scheme … [read more...]


MyFutureFest 2015

MyFutureFest is coming to campus next week (9th-13th February) aiming to help you explore your career options, find out about work experience opportunities, and to connect with employers. There are a number of events taking place across campus so there are plenty of ways you can get involved. The Domes (Tues 10th-Wed 11th Feb)ation and advice from arrange of different services in University and take part in interactive activities. Explore … [read more...]

Find Job

Job search round 2, all to play for!

So it's semester 2, you've just done exams and all you have to look forward to is snow, sleet, Easter and then more exams. Oh and you really need a job for summer / after you graduate. Can it get more depressing? Did you apply in semester 1 and got nowhere?  All is not lost. There are still loads of jobs to apply for and some are only just being advertised.  You may even find that some of the big firms whose closing dates have passed reopen … [read more...]


Opportunities around the country

Wherever you are sat reading this blog be that in a very rainy Manchester, sat on a bus in London, at your desk in Glasgow or waiting for train at Newcastle I can guarantee you one thing – There are a range of full time vacancies nearby. I’ve been having a look at the full time vacancies currently being advertised on CareersLink and heres what I found (Please note CareersLink is a live system so numbers may change) England • North West … [read more...]


Second year and arranging your own research projects: how volunteering can help.

By Patricia Matos, MRes Maternal & Fetal Health student Are you lucky enough to have a particular interest in your discipline and want to take the reins of your degree? Then why not arrange your own final year research project! I studied Physiology as an undergrad, because I am interested in how bodies work. But, I was fascinated at how a female body can produce another life. I decided to self-arrange my project in the area of Reproduction. … [read more...]

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Back to the future – reflect and revise for 2015

The New Year’s approaching including celebrating with family and friends and making New Year’s resolutions. It is a time to reflect on the year gone by and make plans for the year ahead.   Reflection Reflecting on what you did in the last year and what you want to do in the year ahead can be constructive and an encouragement. Encouraging – identifying what goals you have met, challenges you have overcome and ultimately what you … [read more...]

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