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The Journey of Job Discovery: How to investigate your career options

by Jenny Leung, final year, English Lit and Linguistics “Help-I have no idea what I want to do!” - This article may change your mind! The journey of job discovery can often be long and treacherous, meandering through hills and valleys of uncertainty and indecision. For others, the path is very clear, uncluttered by those dull clouds of indecision. For those floundering in the hills of “What do I do after university?” there are a few steps … [read more...]

The keys of success

Musings on making career choices

I recently read two interesting articles which looked at different problems with the graduate job market. From the Telegraph: 'Why do 1 in 4 graduates quit within a  year of starting work?' From the THE: 'Underemployed graduates stay in stepping-stone jobs too long'. Both are from employers point of view with recommendations of how they could recruit graduates more effectively. But when you read further an important message emerges for … [read more...]

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When is the right time to talk to you about your future?

Graduating students tell us ... I wish i'd got careers support earlier why did no-one make me!  Ideally this would be discussed with you before you chose your A-levels, but for most of you that probably never happened.  Did anyone discuss with you which degree or University would be best for you? Or even if a degree was the right path for you? Oops possibly not. So now you're at University what next? Get unpacked, enjoy freshers / welcome … [read more...]

Find Job

City firms recruiting now

City firms are amongst the companies which traditionally recruit earliest in the academic year for graduate schemes and placements. We are in the process of compiling a list of deadlines for city firms which will go on our website to help you plan your applications for 2015. It won't be ready for a couple of weeks as some companies have not yet opened applications but in the meantime here are firms who are already accepting applications. Bank … [read more...]

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The current labour market and how to succeed in it

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) recently published a report on the current labour market they found that there has been a significant increase in the number of graduate vacancies in the UK but that many employers are struggling to fill all their posts. This could be for two reasons. On explanation could be that the number of graduate applications may have fallen. However figures suggest this is not the case as nearly half of … [read more...]


Disappointed that you didn’t get a 2:1?

Careers Consultant Louise has some advice if you didn't achieve a 2:1.... Disappointed that you didn’t get a 2:1?   When those around you are celebrating their degree success it can be difficult to keep a sense of perspective.   But that’s exactly what you need to do. A lower degree result than you had hoped for doesn’t have to be a barrier to career success.  Some job adverts, especially those for graduate recruitment schemes, will specify … [read more...]


Logging into Careerslink as a Graduate

As graduation ceremonies draw to an end the University  has now turned your accounts from student to alumni. This means that you will not be able to login to Careerslink as a student and will need to login as a graduate. There are a couple of things you may need to do to ensure you can access your Careerslink account as a graduate. Step 1 - Update your contact email If you have already updated your contact email through My Manchester, … [read more...]

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Immediate Start Vacancies

There is no rest for the wicked……Or in this case the graduate! With your degree certificate safety grasped in your hand it’s now time to enter the big bad world of work (it’s not that bad honest!). To make your transition a little easier I thought I’d highlight some of the immediate start full-time vacancies currently being advertised on Careerslink. Graduate Financial position vacancy ID 33022 Import & Export Assistant Vacancy ID … [read more...]

International signs

Making the most of your year abroad

It’s been almost two years since I was frantically condensing my life into a 30kg suitcase ready for my year abroad in Hong Kong. As a language student you have to spend the third year of your degree in the country that speak the language you are learning. As Chinese Studies students do not have the option to work, we spend the year in a partner university studying the language intensively. Thinking about my year abroad, and all the things … [read more...]

Get a career supporter

Graduation – what next?

It's almost upon us... the time when you'll be collecting your gown, having copious photos taken and receiving your degree certificate. Hopefully the sun will be shining and you'll be celebrating your success in with a cool glass of Pimms (other refreshing beverages are available) in sunny Manchester! Once the lovely glow of graduation has faded, what will you be doing next? If you aren't sure what you'll be doing next or are just … [read more...]


Pathways: What we learnt

I love Pathways, our annual PhD careers options mega-event - and it turns out I'm not the only one. Here's a great guest post from Chris Manley, Senior Careers Consultant at Warwick University who visited Pathways this year, gratefully reproduced from The Careers Blog at Warwick. Life after the PhD - by Chris Manley The annual ‘PhD Pathways’ event at Manchester University attracts 500 delegates and dozens of speakers, all former PhDs. It covers … [read more...]

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Last minute internships

 Are you still looking for an internship for this summer? Unsure where there are opportunities? Here are a few tips and strategies to help you find some work experience or an internship. There are still opportunities available including in Manchester as well as other places. Always keep checking CareersLink as your first starting point as a University of Manchester student. There are still options available not to be missed! Here are a … [read more...]


Why failure can lead to success

Last week wasn’t a great week for English or Spanish football fans as expectancy and in England’s case hope turned into disappointment. The expressions of Gerrard and co at the end of the Uruguay match were that of failure and of desperation. It might not have seemed like it at the time but failing isn’t the end of the world, instead it can actually be the first step on the road to success. Everybody experiences some form of failure in their … [read more...]

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Get to know yourself this summer

Summer is here, you have just finished exams so let's not try anything too strenuous. 1 While lazing on the beach Close your eyes and think back on this last year, what did you really enjoy and why? When have you felt most comfortable and motivated?  Why do you think that was? Now think about something you are looking forward to, why is that? Do you like being with friends or alone? Are you usually the instigator of an activity or … [read more...]

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Creative entrepreneurship 101

Thanks to Andrea Michael for her presentation at This is it Manchester event. In the creative industries theatre, publishing, art, music, gaming and creative IT roles, film & TV, journalism, social and cultural enterprises to name but a few, it's not uncommon to be self-employed or freelance for at least a part of your career. Before launching yourself on an unsuspecting world think about yourself and your product and do a bit of … [read more...]


Getting work in the creative industries

The creative & cultural industries are pretty diverse including: Theatre, publishing, art, music, gaming and creative IT roles, film & TV, journalism, social and cultural enterprises. They all work in slightly different ways depending on funding, private or public sector, not for profit and of course self employment and this can govern to some extent how you will find work. There are some common themes: It's a small world -  be … [read more...]


Help & Advice for Disabled Graduates

Job hunting and starting a new job are both nerve wracking at the best of times however if you have a disability, health or mental condition the process can be ever scarier. Whether you are worried about disclosure, introducing the need for adjustments, how the job hunting process works or simply finding a job  there are a range of organisations and schemes to help you into employment. Organisations and schemes providing assistance for … [read more...]

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Personal profiles on CVs

Do you love them or hate them? Have you ever seen a good one? These are questions recruiters and careers professionals ask. So what chance have you got of getting it right? Lets be clear we are talking about CVs as used by university students to apply for part-time jobs, internships, casual work and graduate level work.... What is a personal statement on a CV? A personal statement should be few lines at the top of a CV under your contact … [read more...]


World Bank – Young Professionals Programme talk

In case you missed the reference in the Pathways post, we're delighted to have Antonieta Podesta Mevius coming to the University this Friday, 6th June, to talk about recruitment into the World Bank Young Professionals Programme. The talk and this programme are aimed at PhDs, and at Masters with at least 3 years relevant experience. Here's what Antonieta has to say: We would like to invite you to a presentation on the World Bank Group … [read more...]


Networking? I’d rather eat my own shoes, thanks …

‘Professional’. ‘Networking’. Two words that strike fear into the core of any sane individual. The title of this blog is a direct quote from a successful, experienced professional who I was out networking with - but we call it 'going for beers' or ‘grabbing a coffee’, depending on the mood and time of day. Between academic study, a social life, sports and society commitments, a regular slot at the gym, plus usual daily stuff, who in their … [read more...]


Pathways: The Programme is announced …

It's almost upon us - our annual PhD career options event, Pathways 2014 takes place on Friday 6th June, in the Renold Building (register on C floor concourse). It's free, and open to all University of Manchester current PhDs and research staff. The event gives you the chance to hear from people who've already got their PhDs, and in many cases have been post-docs, and find out what happened next. Late addition: Antonieta Podesta Mevius, … [read more...]


The good and bad news about graduate recruitment

The Times reported recently that employers are struggling to find ‘work-ready’ graduates. They said companies are struggling to fill graduate positions because they cannot find enough quality candidates as the economy picks up. According to the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) nine out of ten graduate employers still have vacancies for this autumn. A poll by the AGR found that half of employers had increased their graduate intake … [read more...]

The keys of success

2014 Graduates

Calling all 2014 graduates! As finals draw to a close and graduation appears on the horizon many of you may be wondering what next? After 3, 4 or even 5 years of study it’s understandable that taking the next step into the big bad worlds of work can be a daunting and often nerve wracking process. But never fear the Careers Service is here! If you are graduating this summer you’ll be eligible to use the Carers Service for the next 2 years. … [read more...]

Graduate Fair

The Graduate Recruitment Fair

There are less than 3 weeks to go to the Graduate Recruitment Fair, so if you are in your final year and looking for a job after graduation or considering further postgraduate study, this event is for YOU! The Graduate Recruitment Fair Wed 11th June and Thurs 12th June   10.30 – 4pm The Armitage Centre, Fallowfield *Important facts to know* Register before the event so that you beat the queues on the door. Bring your e-ticket with … [read more...]

Periodic table

Technical Interviews for Scientists

What is a technical interview? The employer knows you have a scientific brain. They wouldn’t be interviewing you otherwise. A technical interview is conducted just to confirm your scientific knowledge as well as your logical and analytical approach to work. Every organisation will have its own technical interview structure but with strong preparation, there is nothing to fear. What questions are asked at a technical … [read more...]


The Graduate Fairs – are there opportunities for international students?

The Graduate Fairs will take place on 11th & 12th June at The Armitage Centre in Fallowfield, Manchester. They are popular with international students, but what are the chances of finding a job offer there? With over 70 organisations attending on each of the two days the fair is a way to find out about graduate jobs and employers across Manchester and the UK. There are also some international organisations attending such as Decathlon China … [read more...]

Linked in

8 tips for the perfect Linkedin profile

With more and more jobs being advertised online (94% of all recruiters used social media when advertising jobs last year*), it is important that you stay up to date with current trends to ensure that you know where to find jobs and other opportunities. LinkedIn is the platform of choice for most employers who want to recruit and discover new talent, so it is no surprise that students and new graduates are the fastest growing demographic on … [read more...]


Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme – funding for master’s students starting September 2014

If you would love to take a masters degree but the only thing holding you back is finance don't miss this generous scheme of funding available this year. This is the first time these scholarships have been available and I have no idea if they will be available in the future so do apply if you are interested. The University of Manchester is offering £10-15k cash award scholarships for full-time UK/EU Master's students starting September … [read more...]

Are you fit enough?

Final Year? It’s not the end just yet!

This time last year I was a final year philosophy student with no job lined up and the worry of finals fast approaching, and a desperate need to secure a 2:1. I get how stressful this year will have been for you and how the possibility of not walking straight into a job is pretty darn scary (especially if you’ve signed a contract for a flat in Manchester as I did!).   However, worry not – the Uni does loads to help you, so make sure to … [read more...]


A sales pitch too far?

Some people are economical with the truth, tell lies, plagarise coursework, cheat in exams and on their boyfriends/girlfriends. You can think what you like about the morals or ethics of such people but what actually happens to them?  Do you hear about the ones who got away with it or the ones that got caught and were expelled from their course or make the headlines in the papers? It's tempting with other people seemingly taking advantage … [read more...]

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