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You don’t need anyone’s permission

When chasing your dreams, it is important that you are proactive. No-one is going to hand you your dream job straight out of university, especially if you don’t take the first few steps on your own. Firstly, do something. This should be in addition to your studies and related to what career you want to go in to. Fancy being a writer? Start your own blog! Want to work in television? Make your own films. Want to be an entrepreneur? Start your own … [read more...]

sophie wing

Manchester Made Me

“What do you do with a BA in English?” While laughing at a puppet sing about his life troubles post-graduation in the opening of Avenue Q during my third year at University it suddenly dawned on me, what exactly can you do with a BA in English, or for that matter a BA in History? When I applied for University I had chosen to study History as it was something I enjoyed, rather than it being because I had a particular career in mind.  The fact was … [read more...]

Crossing out reactive and writing proactive on a blackboard.

Make the most of the past year

As exam season approaches and the end of the academic year draws ever nearer I’ve realised that for many of you reading this blog it’s been nearly a year since you graduated!  I thought it would be a good time to check in with you and show that whatever you might have done this year you’ll have developed skills employers will be looking for. If you have..... Traveled – traveling during your gap year was not only a great experience but will … [read more...]


Make your Easter vacation count – start planning your future

   If you are thinking ‘What am I going to do after university?’ or perhaps ‘What am I going to do this summer?’ It is never too early to start planning ahead. Whether you are in your first year, penultimate year or about to graduate, it is definitely a good time to prioritise exploring what you want to do. As a well-known Latin phrase says CARPE DIEM, which means in other words, seize the day! As a University of Manchester student, the … [read more...]


Immediate Start Vacancies

‘Spring Forward, (Don’t) Fall Back’ The clocks go forward this weekend, a real indication that spring is here and summer is just round the corner. It also means that Graduation season is one step closer with thousands of final year students entering an already dense job market. Therefore, as a graduate it’s imperative to make the most of the next few  months and to get ahead of the rest. Spring forward with your applications now to ensure you … [read more...]

interview queue

Interview preparation

You have been invited to interview, at this stage its all to play for. The recruiter thinks you can do the job on the merits of your application, now its down to you to prove you can do it better than the other candidates. Make a good first impression Dress appropriately - YES A SUIT! It doesn't matter how informal the dress code is on the job, you are there to impress.  Think about how your boss would dress if they were going to an … [read more...]

Intern China Stand

Interested in international work experience?… why not try Asia?

Our students at Manchester are increasingly asking about international work experience opportunities or other ways to develop their "global mindset" ( a quality increasingly sought by graduate employers).  If you missed the recent Experience Asia event at The University recently, there is still time to find out about some of the excellent funded internship,  study and travel programmes available that were promoted on the day. Here is a brief … [read more...]

snoozy cat

Finalists there’s still time to get a graduate job this year!

It's nearly easter and then the exams will be upon us and OMG it's summer already! If you have not yet secured a job after you graduate you need to use your time effectively, no time for napping! There are jobs available, so don't go sticking your head in the sand... Graduate schemes plus jobs in small companies are still available on CareersLink and other job sites right now! Some jobs haven't even been advertised yet so dont give up and … [read more...]


Why are cover letters so important?

This year I have conducted several rounds of recruitment and looked at a lot of CVs and cover letters.  For me the cover letter is becoming the most important factor in the application, and this is why...The jobs I have been recruiting for are the types of jobs that graduates from any discipline could do as long as they have the right transferable skills and attitude.  So the CV as long as it covers what I have asked for, (and isn't appalling) is … [read more...]

Roll of money

Negotiating salaries – how much should I be paid?

We are often asked  “What is an appropriate salary for this job?”  Not just from students and graduates, sometimes businesses struggle with this too. It’s a tricky question that depends on a lot of factors. Let’s start with the labour market.  What is the market value of that role, in that industry, in that location? Try to find out: What other companies are paying (check salary surveys – google is good for this) Ok now other … [read more...]


Twitter for Job Hunting

Social media sites are now becoming an increasing important weapon in your job seeking arsenal. Facebook and LinkedIn act as your amour. Having an appropriate Facebook and a professional, well written LinkedIn profile will protect you by portraying you as someone a recruiter might want to employ. But personally I think Twitter is the main weapon you have enabling you to attack your job search and locate appropriate vacancies. If you’re just … [read more...]

iStock_000003861564Medium Time panic

Are there still options to find an internship for this summer?

Do you want to find some work experience or an internship for this summer, but unsure if you have left it too late or unsure how to find the right role? If this sounds familiar, then here are some ideas to help you get started and explore options you may have not thought of. Although some of the bigger companies have advertised their summer internships schemes in the autumn there are still options for finding work experience or an internship. … [read more...]

Win a trip to China with the British Council

The British Council are giving eight lucky UK students the chance to win a free trip to Beijing, China from 19 – 24 April 2014 as part of the British Council 2014 UK-China Student Forum. This is a great chance to gain global experience, something employers really value. The Forum is looking for UK students who have a global outlook to join Chinese students in Beijing to voice their opinions on education, employment and global citizenship. … [read more...]

Abacus Consulting at The Pakistan Fair

Pakistani students receive internships & job offers with employers at The Pakistan Job Fair 2014

Engro, Allied Bank, Abacus Consulting and Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates were amongst the employers offering jobs and internships to our students at the Pakistan Job Fair last week at The University of Manchester. Even the media firm who were reporting on the event - Express Tribune - were reported to have offered opportunities! But if you were not able to make the fair, there is still time to secure something. The firms are still keen to hear … [read more...]

Journalism event

Environment, International Development or Media – Events coming up

This semester, our events are targeted at those really "tough to get into" careers - environmental work, international development and broadcasting and journalism. These careers are so popular that, unfortunately, employers have no need to turn up to careers fairs, trying to tempt you to apply to them - so you won't see them at our normal recruitment events. They can afford to sit back and wait for you to come to them. That means you've got … [read more...]


Mentoring – still time to apply!

Have you thought about having a careers mentor? Would you like to ask questions to someone who works in a sector you'd like to know more about or in your dream job? Then our mentoring programme, Manchester Gold, could be what you are looking for. Our mentors work in a variety of sectors both in the UK and overseas and the majority of them graduated from The University of Manchester. Applications for this semester's programme close tomorrow … [read more...]


Mentors available for postgraduates

There's just over 24 hours until the application deadline for our careers mentoring programme, Manchester Gold. You've got until 5pm tomorrow, Wednesday 26 February to get your application in! The programme is open to postgraduates as well as undergraduate students so you can apply to be matched with a mentor who is working in your chosen industry or even your dream job. It's your chance to speak to someone who is currently working in your … [read more...]

International mentees from China

International mentors available to help you make things happen

A great way to get your career moving in the right direction is to get a mentor. Our mentoring programme puts you in touch with someone for a 6 month period who you can ask questions of, talk to about your career decisions and plans or use for inspiration. They may be working in a career area of that you are interested in / may have had similar experiences to you or they may just be someone inspirational and passionate about helping others. It is … [read more...]


The “Careers in Asia” fair in the UK, for international students – (apply for your place this month!)

The "Careers in Asia" recruitment fairs have been running for a number of years in the UK and some of our international students at Manchester have secured a job this way in the past. At the fairs, graduate employers visit the UK, from across Asia, to recruit international students (usually from Asia) who are currently studying in the UK. The next fair is in April 2014, but if you want to attend, you need to apply for a place by 28th February, … [read more...]

The keys of success

Graduate work experience opportunities

This week news reached Careers HQ about the step programme 2014.  Step offer paid work experience for undergraduates as well as internships for those who have graduated.  This got me thinking about the other work experience opportunities open to graduates and I’ve produced a list of the schemes and opportunities that I could find. Hopefully these opportunities will be the key to your future career! Internship Schemes All of these … [read more...]

Make things happen

Find a job. Get started now before it’s too late

February is a great time for getting started (or restarted) looking for graduate jobs, internships and other work experience.   By Easter you will be worrying about coursework and exam revision so do it now, and get it over with. Take just one action today, to get the ball rolling! Where do I start? Come and chat to us in the Atrium or at MyFutureFest or if you prefer to fly solo try these resources online: What are you looking to do … [read more...]

video interview

Skype/video interviews – Dos and don’ts

Last week The Guardian published an interesting article Top tips for Skype interviews. We have also noticed an increase in queries about video/online interviews in Careers Service. According to the Guardian article, 18% of candidates have experienced a video interview in the past year, so it seems timely to discuss them. These interviews fall into two types: At an early stage of the recruitment process you might be asked to do a video … [read more...]


Vacancies by Region

Since graduating some of you may have stayed in Manchester, move backed to your home town or relocated somewhere entirely different in the UK or abroad. Wherever you call home you can use Careerslink to find vacancies. I’ve spent a bit of time this week looking at regional and worldwide full-time vacancies currently being advertised on the system. As it stands at the moment there area 630 full-time vacancies you can apply to. UK 518 of the … [read more...]

iStock_000009406551XSmall Commercial awareness

What is commercial awareness and why is it relevant?

If I asked you ‘what is commercial awareness’ would you understand what this is? Perhaps you have heard this phrase at careers talks, or on a job description for a role you want to apply to? Maybe you are not entirely sure? If this is the case or even if you think you may know already, here are a few pointers at what could be understood as commercial awareness, why it is important to build up these skills and some practical ideas of how you build … [read more...]


The Graduate Market in 2014

Last Monday High Fliers published their annual report on graduate employment ‘The Graduate Market in 2014’. It revealed that graduate recruitment at Britain’s top employers (Those listed in the Times Top 100 Directory) is set to rise in 2014 to the highest level since 2007. This means that there will be more opportunities for university leavers than at any time since the start of the recession. It’s quite a long report so I thought I’d give … [read more...]

William Hanson

Manchester Made One – becoming an etiquette expert

William Hanson graduated from The University of Manchester in 2011. He is now the country's leading etiquette consultant and has just released his debut book, 'The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette’. I studied BA (Hons.) English Language, Literacy & Communication at Manchester and graduated in 2011 (although couldn’t attend the ceremony as I was working for a high profile Middle Eastern royal family).  My job title is ‘etiquette consultant’ but … [read more...]

PhD student

Manchester Made Me – From undergraduate to PhD student

If someone had asked me at the start of my final year of my undergraduate degree, ‘do you fancy doing a PhD when you finish uni?’ my answer would have been an outright NO! Yet, here I am, now in my second year of my PhD in the role of exercise on cardiovascular disease risk in psoriasis. .  So what changed my mind? Well, it was only when I entered my final year of my undergraduate degree that I actually started to seriously consider my career … [read more...]


Christmas holidays: time to rest and time to move forward

Christmas holidays are finally here, a time to catch up with friends, family, as well as completing assignments and exam revision for the next term. But it is also an opportunity to do something to invest in yourself and your future, here are a few ideas: Time to invest some time in yourself and explore options for your career: -          Read our I don’t know what I want to do guide which has a number of exercises and ideas to help you … [read more...]


Destination of Leavers from Higher Education Survey

Each year UK Universities are legally required to collect information about recent graduates through what’s known as the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey, or the DLHE survey for short. If you graduated between the 1st January and the 31st July 2013 we will shortly be asking you to fill out your DLHE survey and let us know what you are up to now, be that in employment, doing another degree, traveling or job … [read more...]


5 ways to improve your job search by Christmas

I’m sure you are all looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the festive period but I bet some of you might not be looking forward to the inevitable questions about your job hunting! I thought it might be a good idea to list a few things you could be doing in December to help knock these questions out of the park! Create/update your LinkedIn Profile – It’s something that we all know we should do but never actually … [read more...]

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